On March 26, 1987, something more than a shoe was born. The Air Max 1 was like nothing we’d ever seen before. Visible Air started a revolution. Over the next 30 years, it captured the imagination of dreamers and pushed the boundaries of what was possible. In 2017 that spirit is still alive. model: LucaContinua a leggere “NIKE AIR MAX 1 ANNIVERSARY”


    “Born in 1972, the Nike Blazer has gone through various evolutions, making a name for itself as a classic and iconic part of Nike history. Introduced as a basketball shoe in the 1970s, and getting its name from the American basketball team the Portland Trail Blazers, the Nike Blazer went to the massesContinua a leggere “NIKE BLAZER”

Nike ‘Air Max 97 QS’

Era la sneaker più amata dagli adolescenti negli anni ’90: la Nike Air Max 97 OG QS, ideata da Christian Tresser nel 1997, è tornata. Caratterizzata da bagliori riflettenti e dalla suola a cuscinetto dotata della cosiddetta Air Unit, la sihouette della Nike Silver è ispirata al bullet-train, il treno super espresso giapponese a formaContinua a leggere “Nike ‘Air Max 97 QS’”