REEBOK ‘Pump Supreme Ultraknit’ and ‘Sock Runner Ultraknit’

One of the more futuristic shoes in the footwear game today is the Reebok Pump Supreme, a sneaker that implements the label’s signature Pump technology into a streamlined aesthetic design.
Reebok has evolved the silhouette to engineer two new entries: the Pump Supreme Ultraknit, and the Sock Runner Ultraknit.

The Reebok Pump Supreme is pretty much a lifestyle version of the Reebok Insta Pump Fury.
Instead of the mesh and Jacquard materials used in its previous styles, Pump Supreme now features a white-covered knit upper. The slip-on collar makes it easy to put on and take off.

The Reebok Sock Runner Ultraknit features a fully knitted, calf-high upper. The shoe is supported by an articulated carbon foam midsole and carbon rubber outsole, similar to that used on the Reebok Pump Supreme.

Available from July 6th 00:01 (CEST) online on

How can you miss this?

ART: BS9515


ART: CN0075




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